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Soha Isaatafreshi
Soha Isaatafreshi

I couldn’t draw, I had all those images in my mind but I couldn’t draw them. I remember once as a kid I had to colour an eggplant in the art class. I coloured it in green because I saw it as a cucumber, I still remember the face of the teacher, how angry she was of having such a non-artist student. “I thought it was an unripened eggplant”, I told her.

I discovered the black magic box (a Yashica) in my sister’s room. MAGIC!  You just needed to press the button to draw. I don’t know how young I was, but naive enough to look for the picture inside the camera. So my first pictures? exposed film!

“When I grow up, I will make a camera that shows pictures immediately on the back” –of course no one had told me about polaroid cameras.

I grew up and didn’t invent anything. I gave up drawing and picked up words to illustrate my imagination until somebody invented my dream camera. Ever since, I have drawn my images with the magic box.

Photography is magic, human beings are magic, a portrait of a human is even more magical. Being introvert, oddly enough, portrait photography gives me the opportunity to communicate with all sorts of different people. The magic is that you can either capture the person’s true self or create a new person.

“You probably CAN draw, you don’t know it”, a fine art teacher told me once.





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